David Naso Designs specializes in creating custom wood furniture.

Tomorrow's heirlooms today.
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Every piece is completely unique

Tiger maple table

English white oak burl table

Johnson County courtroom

Cherry wood kitchen remodel

Oak table service cart

Office Space

We can custom build desks, chairs, drawers, conference tables, and credenzas for your home or commercial office.

Home Theater

Let us customize your home entertainment space with custom-made entertainment centers and shelving units.

Dining Room and Bedroom

Custom-made dining tables, chairs and bedroom sets, headboards and dressers more unique than you would ever find in any commercial furniture store!

Place of Worship

Custom seating and altar pieces will create a beautiful and inviting gathering place for your congregation.

Designer David Naso

We are “building tomorrow’s heirlooms”. We expect our custom-built wood furnishings to delight not only you, but also the generations who come after. In order to achieve this longevity, we use the finest materials and best practices to custom build one-of-a-kind wood furniture. Craftsman David Naso handpicks the highest quality domestic hardwoods and, working with his team, builds each piece of furniture by hand.

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At David Naso Designs we have created custom wood furniture for homes, offices, and places of worship since 1980.

We have been “building tomorrow’s heirlooms today” by creating one-of-a-kind, solid wood pieces, that will be handed down through generations. By hand selecting the very best, locally available logs and overseeing the milling we create completely unique and completely custom pieces.

The passion we have for our craft shines through in each handmade—never mass produced—piece. Quality and attention to detail are still alive and well, and you will find these elements in each of our piece of furniture we build. Our expertise in the field of woodworking is a direct result of years of passion we’ve invested in our work, and we only produce pieces of the highest quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we always stand firmly behind our product.

Our design process begins with you, so that each element reflects your unique needs and taste. We love partnering with our clients to design furniture that brings your vision to life. Geography need not be a barrier because we can deliver or ship your piece. While the majority of our customers are in the Iowa City area, our pieces are in seven other states and Morocco.

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